Before my last few posts about PROJECT X, I shared my IS THIS SEAT TAKEN OPENER, then an example of how NOT TO DHV.


I was going to follow up with a post about how to properly DHV but got a little backed up with private coaching trip to NY, my day to day regular coaching,  ironing out the details for PX2, and my motorcycle trip Phx->LA->San Diego->Phx (awesome ride, but man is Yuma a shithole, I felt like Red Dead Redemption riding thru the desert!)…so to make it up to you guys, I am bringing the heat with this post, by making it a double shot about DHVs!


The problems with DHVing with things like the Ring Routine or a magic trick, is while they are powerful when they hit, if you don’t have your magic props ready, or the girl isn’t wearing a ring, then it’s pretty hard to perform them. Second, the girl just might be into that kind of stuff, and third, they are canned routines which many guys don’t feel resonate with their life and personality.


So first up, is my favorite way and what I consider the BEST way to DHV- in a story.  When I first started out, this story never even clicked in my head as being a DHV…which is common for new guys because we see the world thru our own eyes we tend not to notice how cool some of our own shit really is!

Because my pet was such a big part of my life, I noticed she kept coming up when I was talking to girls. After a few girls melted after they heard this story, I decided to really polish it up. It then became one of my BEST routines…and never wanted to publicly share it, let alone post it on my easily searchable site…but I’ll deal with that later! 😉

Also of my favorite teaching demo’s was to tell a DHV story and pause so my wing could chime in to point out all the DHV spikes, we did this pre-SLA in our first bootcamp, which was really just done so we could help some guys level up so they could roll with us!

Years later Sneak and I use to do this on stage at seminars…. still blows me away how far I’ve come 😀


Below is the vid…and pretty sure that it isn’t suppose to be online so I would watch ASAP in case Strauss gets it yanked!


SEEING something in action is ALWAYS better than reading 10 pages of someone trying to break something down. Of course this is MY story, but after watching it you can see the structure and use it as a blueprint to design your own…

or you could just do what one of my students did when he first heard it years ago, perform it as best as you can a few hours later after only hearing it once, and use it to get a SNL (you are welcome!)



When we were writing and shooting the RULES OF THE GAME vids for MySpace a few years ago, there is a clip of Style dressed up like a bad guy from a James Bond movie. I thought him having a cat in his lap to pet would be a nice touch, and that cat in the vid is actually Kali from the above story. (her IMDB page-LOL) While we were getting ready to film there were a few comments about how Kali is such a sweet and chill cat, I brought up this next routine and we laughed about how many times chicks have done this to us in the past. Style said how awesome it and asked why I have never taught it before, I didn’t have an answer…another example of us not seeing what is right in front of us…

So part 2, a simple and great little DHV to do if you own a pet (just edit to fit)-

One of my favorite things to do is flip the script and turn common girl shit tests around on them FIRST!

How many times have you gone over to a girl’s house and she tells you that she has a pet and something like-“Fluffy has been around before you and will be here after you, so if she doesn’t like you it’s OVER!”

Then you are all stressed out about her pain in the ass little dog liking you, it hops into bed during sex, and you end up going out of your way to be really nice to win this little son of a bitch over!

SO it gave me an idea one night when a girl came over for a date, I decided to mess around with her as we walked up the stairs-

“I hope my cat likes you, she is really picky and has been around before you and will be here after you, if she doesn’t like you it’s OVER!”

She instantly started qualifying herself with, “I had a cat, they love me…. all pets usually like me… I love them, hopefully she likes me…… I wore some perfume I know sometimes they don’t like that so if she stays away from me that may be why.”

I knew my cat was going to be fine with her, and she was. When Kali came over, my date bent down to pet her and she flipped onto her back and to get her belly rubbed. I could see my date’s shoulders drop as all the tension dissipated. Later in the date I made sure to bring it up that my cat sometimes doesn’t like new people and that was a sign she was a good person! She loved it.

I then bring up the one time my cat did hate a girl, and the date went terrible, the girl had a bitchy attitude and I ended it half way through and left her at outside the movie theater before we even got tickets!

This made the girls work even harder at getting her to like them, but more importantly, it conveys in the story that I don’t accept shitty behavior.




Like always, post any questions below and I’m happy to help!

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