Most of the guys who get into Pick Up, do so because they want a girlfriend and someday, a family.


But how do you keep your family safe?


If you can’t protect yourself or your loved ones, you are not a man.

-Stephen Grosch


Anyone that I have worked with throughout the years has heard this. They also know that before I ever got into Pick Up/Life Coaching I was a full time firearms and tactical instructor.

I have been planning on putting together a tactical/self defense class for the last year, one that would flow with everything I teach and love. Something that was geared directly for guys like us. Guys who don’t want to spend years trying to learn something they HOPE works when they need it. But something that we KNOW will WORK, even in bad parts of the world.

Everyone asks me, “how did you learn all of this awesome stuff”? (stuff like how to use a flashlight or a plastic bag to stop a bad guy).


Simple, I learned the hard way! Training and travelling the US spending 6+ figures on gear and classes, years of training that I later found out much was wasted (and actually dangerous), broken bones, and lots of blood and sweat!


During my tactical journey, there was lots of training that wasn’t as helpful as I hoped, and a few classes that changed my life. One of them that had the biggest impact on me was an Edged Weapons class at GUNSITE, where I met a man named Steve Tarani. -He is one of those guys that the 3 letter agencies call when they need awesome tactical training.

I had been practising ken-jitsu for a bit, (Japanese edged weapon), and in this class, I got paired up with the oldest guy there. Tarani had us spar with training knives for 30 seconds and I remember thinking to myself, “I am going to kill this old dude!” as the clock beeped.

Then after the 30 seconds were over, we counted up our cuts… THE OLD GUY KICKED MY ASS!

I was in good shape, young, fast, did some BJJ and wrestled, practiced how to use a blade for a while, read books on it, and carried one since I was a kid, and I got my ass handed to me by someone so much older than me, I figured he had to be some kind of martial arts master!

“How long have you been training?” I asked him.

His response- “I HAVEN’T! All I ever did is take a class from Tarani last year and I had so much fun I wanted to come again!”

I was in SHOCK. I had been taking martial arts class for years- multiple times a week, learning how to swing a sharp piece of metal, and in 30 seconds some old dude who trained with Tarani for 2 days kicked my ass.

Karambit Course 1 016

Karambit course 2004

Karambit Course 1 021

Karambit course 2004

It was right then I decided I had to change what I was doing and learn how he did this. Which lead to me studying Kali ever since.

Fast forward a bit, and I was hosting classes with Tarani at my old gun range where I was the Director of Training where I got to pick and chose the coolest classes for us to have, and got to take take every one of them!

When I had the opportunity, after a week long interview process, I left that gun range and started working for Tarani.

Tarani went on to work for one of those 3 letter government organizations, much of which he can’t even tell ME about, and after a divorce, my PUA journey started (which then lead to me moving to LA to work for Style before starting my own company)

Edged Weapons 2014

Edged Weapons 2014

Edged Weapon DefenseTarani and I got back in touch a few years ago, and I’ve helped with some of the program delivery support from time to time.

When I was in the planning stages of putting together this class, what I would consider the ULTIMATE training class, one that if I could go back in time 10+ years and hand pick all of the coolest and most useful skills I’ve learned, and add them to one epic class, something happened. Over steaks and beers with Tarani one night while discussing my plan, I decided that I wanted you guys to have the same experience I did 10+ years ago, to learn from THE MAN himself.

It took months of planning, and luckily Tarani had 4 free days not already booked for 2015, so I am VERY happy to announce, we locked down the final details and this epic event, and we are a GO!!!


Executive / VIP Protection Training

Protect yourself and your loved ones with the skills of a trained Protective Agent

  • Fundamentals of Protection – Exactly what you need to know to keep yourself and your family safe from current and emerging threats
  • Protective Intelligence – What the professionals know about managing real-world threats
  • Preventative Defense – How to use your environment as an extension of your awareness
  • Threat Assessment/ Attack Recognition – How to identify, mitigate and if necessary defend against an actual threat
  • Unarmed Active Shooter Response – What to do in the event of an active shooter in your home, at work, school, when shopping, etc
  • Protected Movement – How to effectively move yourself and your family to and from controlled and uncontrolled areas under duress
  • Protective Measures – How to control an actual threat engagement, protection to/ from and in your car (vehicular approaches and departures)
  • How to lower your Threat Profile
  • How to take and keep positive control of your environment (home, work, school, travel, etc.,)
  • Managing the fateful Injury/ Distance liability gap
  • Learn the three things you need to know to take and keep control of any threat
  • Defensive Tactics – Defense against single and multiple assailants
  • At a Glance – Learn how to “read” buildings and doors both of which can tell you everything you need to know about where to go and what to do
  • Approaches and Departures- Know exactly what to look for when approaching or departing from either a vehicle or a building- like the Protection Professionals
  • Control Points – Learn exactly where and how control points work and how you can use them to put yourself in an advantageous position

There are plenty of places where you can’t carry a firearm, so we will teach you the critical personal protection skills you need to be effective with an edged weapon, including your own pocket knife!

  • Folding Blade Selection – What to look for, how to exactly fit your hands and carry position(s)
  • Safe Handling – Learn how to open, close and safely manipulate a razor sharp knife in self-defense, while under duress
  • Blade Disarming – Learn what to do if someone attacked you with a knife
  • Angles & Distance Risk Metrics – Know how to control your range, position and how to reduce your risk profile in the event of an edged weapon engagement
  • Leveraging Blade Mechanics – Gain the advantage of having the training and skills of using a folding knife against single and multiple determined adversaries
  • Wound Analysis & Effects – What are the determining effects of a folding knife?
  • Target & Defensive Anatomy – Walk away from this training armed with the skills and ability to defend yourself and your loved ones knowing exactly what to look for and what to do with your folding knife
  • Curved Blade (Karambit) – Introduction to safety and defensive use of this uniquely designed knife

And since most crime occurs at night, and in some places can’t even carry a knife, we will teach you how to defend yourself with a flashlight from our Power of Light class!

  • Range and Position – How to assume immediate control of both your distance from an assailant and relative position in any an engagement
  • Protective Measures – Tactical Carry and Deployment of your flashlight
  • Grips, Stances and Operation – Immediate acquisition of combative grips, mobile fighting platform and protective techniques
  • Take and Keep Initiative – How to break from any attack and move to a position of advantage
  • Immediate Action Drills – Learn reactive response for any attack at close quarters
  • Immobilization Techniques – How to immobilize an attacker when “closing in”
  • Successfully Engaging a Physical Threat – When to “Get In” and handle it and when to “Get Out” and disengage
  • Disarming – How to effectively disarm an assailant using your flashlight

What if it isn’t dark? What about those times when you are 100% disarmed and need to defend yourself or your loved ones? Well good thing we are going to teach you improvised weapons training as well!

  • Resource Assessment Listing –How to rapidly identify and immediately recognize improvised weapons at home, work, school, your car, a restaurant, etc
  • Weapons of Opportunity – How to gain proficiency in the usage of edged, impact, flexible and other weapons of opportunity based on exigent need
  • Effective and Safe Handling – How to safely and effectively use an improvised weapon as a viable force option
  • Gain and Keep Control – How to gain control of and manipulate an attacker using improvised weapons
  • Disarming – How to disarm an opponent with a gun, knife and other conventional weapons using improvised weapons.
  • Multiple Assailants – How to use “attack recognition” to break away from and take the initiative over single or multiple assailants utilizing improvised weapons
  • Hostage Recovery – How to escape from a high-threat hostage situation using your environment and improvised weapons

What if you don’t even have the chance to pull out one of your weapons and someone pulls a weapon on you? Then we better teach weapon disarms so you have the skills to take the bad guy’s weapon and use it against them!

  • Committed and Uncommitted Attacks – How to identify and engage a determined attacker versus a non-committal opportunist who is just trying to scare you
  • Optimal Unarmed Response – Know the “Rules of Engagement” and how to use them to your advantage in staying low on the personal Injury Scale and how to minimize contact
  • The Best-kept Secrets of Disarming – Learn what the professionals know about how very easy it is to control an opponent wielding a weapon
  • Handling Edged Weapon Attacks – Knowing how and when to disarm an attacker wielding an Edged Weapon of any size or type
  • Handling Firearm Attacks – How to disarm an active shooter wielding a pistol, shotgun rifle and even a submachine gun!
  • Handling Impact Weapons – What to do should someone assault you with a baseball bat, tire-iron or some other type of bludgeoning weapon intent on severe bodily injury
  • The Anatomy of Disarming – What are the key principals and exactly what to look for in disarming any weapon literally at a glance
  • The three “R’s” of Disarming – Learn the difference in “Returning, Retaining and Releasing” a weapon and when and how to do each at will


There are also a few things that we are going to teach you that we can’t publically share right now (and you won’t either after the class), I also just confirmed that my friend and owner of the gun range that I use to work at, is going to teach a weapon familiarization module. Just in case you are different parts of the world and come across guns you haven’t fired before.

He also said, he is going to offer you guys a HUGE discount on all of the products in his store during the class, which I don’t care if you buy anything, but if you want to, you are getting the hook up (guns and ammo not included).

Lastly, I am putting together the training gear bags for you guys now, that way you guys can walk into the class and EVERYTHING you need is here waiting for you, and yours to keep. Karambits, tactical flashlights, training blades, and more!

-of course you can bring your own training gear, and live blades, but if you don’t have them yet, DO NOT go out and buy them, I will supply you with them!



This is NOT martial arts – this is NOT crime prevention – this IS a professional hands-on protective services approach to doing what it takes to get yourself and your loved ones out of trouble and immediately to safety. Applicable at home, at school, at work, in your car, and while on vacation, this is an opportunity for you to take home field-tested “bread and butter” techniques, sustainment drills and proven tactics gleaned from the professionals.

There is A LOT more I want to tell you about this class, but I can’t fit it all on here, I also have to personally interview each potential student before they can be accepted into this class (because of the sensitive nature), and lastly-

This might be the ONLY time we are able to offer this class together, so don’t miss your extremely rare opportunity to learn from protective service professionals from deep within the US Defense Intelligence community. Protective programs defensive tactics subject matter expert and world-class educator Steve Tarani steps outside “the Agency” to provide you with this vetted, armed and unarmed, easy-to-follow protective agents training curriculum allowing you the opportunity to develop and utilize your instinctive reflexes to resolve issues involving the threat of an attack on yourself and those close to you.

  • WHEN: March 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th
  • WHERE: Phoenix, Az.

I will provide address and hotel recommendations after sign up.


For more information, click the CONTACT ME BUTTON on the top right of this page to email me.

If you have ANY question, email me with the CONTACT ME button on the top of this page and I will get back to you ASAP!!!

UPDATE- this class has already come and gone, we might be doing another TACTICAL class in 2017, but the next class will be a Wilderness Survival class in Sept of 2016