Learn the secrets that I spent years mastering with my ONLINE GAME 2.0 program!

Hey brother,

Bravo here, chances are if you are reading this page you have heard of me. Whether it was when I was working for Neil Strauss (aka Style) for the last few years as his HEAD COACH and you are one of the thousands of men I have worked with across the world, perhaps you just finished reading The Game and after scanning some lame PUA sites found your way here, or maybe you were at a PUA SUMMIT, or Steve P.’s seminar where I taught a section of my online game program.

However you got here, the important thing is you made it.

I am known for my direct and crazy style of game (you can read about it on my forum) but what many don’t know is that before I had even heard of the book The Game, before I was married and divorced, I was getting laid off the internet. But on my journey to becoming a Master PUA, I put online game on hold. Going out in the field is what we do, that is our playground.

It wasn’t until Style asked me to teach my Online Game 1.0 at a conference with hundreds of people attending that I decided I needed to backwards engineer this aspect of my game. After the conference I had students coming up to me saying it was the best online game program they have ever seen. Style even said it was the best presentation he has seen at ANY PUA event.

Fast forward over a year and I have now developed and refined a system to teach you everything I know about gaming chicks without even leaving your house. I routinely have girls I am hooking up with thru out the week, who contacted me FIRST online, come over to my place and hook up, and I never even have to step foot out the door!

I also believe that I am developing the future of Pick Up.

What every company does now, you sign up for some special and they mail you some shit.

Weeks or even MONTHS later a few DVDs show up, some CD’s, maybe you got a lame e-book.


  • I have 10000’s of pages of e-books I will never read on my laptop
  • CD’s- who even buys CDs anymore?
  • DVD’s- these are going out as well,  if you want to watch them it takes a while to load and search, if you lose the DVD you’re FUCKED, if you scratch it you’re FUCKED, and you have to hide it when chicks or friends come over!
  • Magazines and books are also dying out (iPad, kindle)
  • Even if they send you a digital download, if your hard drive crashed you are FUCKED
  • If you have any questions no one is there to help you along the way
  • If you have a problem it is a pain in the ass getting ANY customer support to try and help you

So I decided when I created this site, that anything I am going to do, I would make as cool as possible.

I present my ONLINE GAME 2.0 program

Everything IN THE CLOUD for you to access from anywhere in the world as many times as you want INSTANTLY!

  • NO DVDs
  • No checking your mailbox for weeks hoping it showed up
  • Nothing gets lost in the mail

In this training video I teach you everything you need to know about Online Game.

  • Which sites you should use
  • Why you should NOT game on Facebook
  • Why you should stay away from PAID DATING sites (which that tip alone pays for this course)
  • How to set up a kickass page
  • How and what to say to girls in that super important FIRST MESSAGE
  • How to set up your page so girls message YOU first (yes that happens)
  • How to get her off the computer and meet her in real life
  • ALSO – what to avoid so you don’t get tricked by a FATTIE!!!!!!

This video is posted in the PRIVATE Online Game section

I  incorporated the program into my already KICKASS forum where I and many other advanced and aspiring PUAs post. Many people consider me the most accessible Master PUA, the reason why is because I am constantly posting on my forum and giving advice (I can’t even name another TOP guy who does that, even ones with huge forums on their websites)

So after you watch the training video, create a dating profile, and test it, you can come post in the PRIVATE section of the forum (for just the guys who also got this program) and get feedback.

I also created a 2nd private section where there are transcripts of some of my interactions with girls online, and you can see REAL LIFE examples of how I game them and get them on the phone and to the bedroom.

You can go there right now and copy / paste stuff directly to your profile that works!

So this isn’t just a program that you purchase and then are forgotten about. I specifically designed this so you become a member of the community we have here and we all help each other level up our game together.

So in summary, the ONLINE GAME 2.0 program includes-

      • Access to the PRIVATE ONLINE GAME section of my awesome forum
      • The 1hr long training video where I break down exactly what you need to do to get girls
      • Transcripts of girls I have sarged online
      • Feedback from your fellow PUAs and me
      • UPDATED tips and tricks all for FREE
      • One time FLAT FEE!!!!

Here is what a former non-believer posted on my blog after getting just a FEW of these tips-

I ran across a post of Bravo’s on an internet discussion forum, where he talked about ways to stand out and get women to respond to you on internet dating sites.

As with most things, I was pretty skeptical. I’ve heard plenty of guys claiming to be a super stud, only to turn out to be a loser dud.

After following the discussion for several days and seeing other members replying and claiming they had used the methods he was promoting, and were now getting noticed by women, I started to get a peaked interest.

To be completely honest though, I decided to move forward with his advice, half because I figured what the hell, anything is worth a shot, and the other half thinking I can expose this guy and those replies a probably his best friends backing him up.

So, I diligently followed his advice, word for word. I wasn’t going to mess this up by slightly changing something and leave him a door to blame any failure on my changes.

Up to that point, I had been on this particular dating site for a few months and had only gotten a handful of replies, and only a couple worth even replying to, using a profile I created myself, and thought was pretty good.

I replaced this all with the suggestions Bravo had made.

Within 3 hours I had 2 replies, both from cute looking girls!

Oh well, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, right?

I went to bed that night slightly intrigued with the 2 ladies that had suddenly shown an interest in me.

The next day I was busy and didn’t get to check online until late in the evening. Not even 24 hours had passed, and when I logged in I was shocked. I had 17 women who had send my messages! And at least 6 of them were very attractive girls that seemed to offer other great attributes, like shared interests, good humor, and similar goals.

I was blown away. Consider me a skeptic no more.- BKViper

and here is a little feedback from some beta testers-

Bravo’s online game 2.0 is some SOLID shit!!!!

The program is set out in a clear and concise way so that anyone can understand. Bravo gives you the tools you need to get a solid profile up and going and then teaches you everything you need to know about messaging and flirting with hot girls.

Like everything Bravo teaches he gets straight down to the fundamentals of how internet dating works and what you have to do to stand out from the rest. Just like normal PU, once you understand how it all works you can use the tools and valuable lesson you learn here to branch your game out


Bravo’s Online Game 2.0 is incredibly effective. I was getting very little traffic with my Plenty of Fish account. After using Bravo’s program I had immediate results. With some changes to my about me section, my pictures, and some openers, I am getting so much traffic that it’s almost too much to keep up with.

The great part about it is that I can do it in my free time. I can go on for a little while at night and set up dates for that week. As someone with a busy schedule, this is so convenient. It’s also great if you live farther out of town or are new to an area. You will be meeting people immediately.

With Bravo’s program, there is no anxiety. You can do a search for exactly what you are looking for, use one of Bravo’s powerful openers, send them out to several girls you are interested in, and bam, the next day there are messages in your inbox!

Not only that, but with Bravo’s amazing headlines and profile critiques, women will be contacting you. It’s so easy, you can set back and watch as the women check your page out, then you choose who you want. The only problem is that it’s so easy, one might be tempted to stop going out and doing cold approaches.


If you have any questions please email me- BravoPUA@gmail.com and I will respond back ASAP

WHEN you purchase this program, please include your forum user name in the paypal email (Don’t have a forum user name yet? Then go to my forum now and take 30 seconds to register RIGHT NOW for FREE)

After payment is received, I will go in and activate your forum user name so you are able to access the PRIVATE section of my forum ASAP, and you can begin to master ONLINE GAME the same way I did!


You have 7 days to test this out, and if you are not 100% happy with the program, email me back and I will personally give you a refund!

More in depth legal stuff – Terms and Conditions