5 years ago I said, “I DO”

Little did I know that those 2 tiny words would start a chain reaction that would lead me down a painful and amazing path.

It went from “I Do” to “I want a divorce” in two years.

Two long years…

Long enough to own two cars, a four bedroom house, have a front yard with trees and bushes that had these fucking thorns that were two inches long, I would work on during the weekends.

Long enough to live next to a little kids playground, a few streets near a giant new park with basketball courts and a baseball field, walking distance to a MUCH nicer grade school than I ever went to, half a mile from a high school that is twice as impressive which would easily be driven to by a young adult with a shiny new driver’s license in their wallet. It was all planned out in my mind, from first steps, playing catch, working on a car, to graduation….

Those two years of my life are gone, all but erased from my mind. When I sit down and really think hard, it feel like trying to remember a dream from long ago. Even now writing this, it feels like I am remembering someone else’s thoughts, that they almost couldn’t have been mine.

After that, I decided I needed to change. Clearly I messed up. I fucked things up and ruined a perfect situation. It was something I did wrong to make things play out the way they did. So I began a journey, so it wouldn’t happen again.

On this journey I learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. It was the most difficult thing I have ever done, realizing I wasn’t happy with the way I was and doing whatever it took to change that, it is more than most can handle.

Now five years later, I am back in Phoenix visiting from my new home in Los Angeles where I am living a life I never thought possible. Hanging out with my Dad, sister, brother, niece, this weekend and am closer to all of them than ever before. I talk to my mom every week, something I never did. Am closer to my friends and have found some really amazing ones. Found out I actually am pretty decent with the ladies, somehow got a job focusing on that, and now help guys all around the world learn from my previous mistakes, so they hopefully can not follow my painful path.

I found out that it wasn’t my fault.

I also found out that I am now happy.

originally posted April 25, 2008 comments copied over

It felt like I had been raped by The Hulk

From my MySpace blog from 2008

I was lying in the hospital bed, oxygen tubes in my nose, an IV in my arm pumping morphine into my bloodstream, in what the nurse was telling me was “level 10 pain”.

Only the night before I was a cool bar in Flagstaff (which was a nice change from the LA bars/clubs) having a blast with the eight new female friends I had just made who were up at NAU taking vocal training classes. My friends Ryan, John and Steve were all up there in a cabin for the weekend to get away. I was having some fun and letting them see how I had improved in the last two years since our last trip.

Only a week before I was at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood teaching at the Stylelife Total Life Makeover Conference. Teaching all day, coaching all night. Helping the guys all approach, showing them how it was done. I opened more sets that night than ever. Students were telling me this was the best weekend of their life, and seeing me in action was the coolest thing they had ever seen!

Now I am in bed with a hospital gown on, at the ER in Flagstaff, the cute nurse now approaches me and asks my name and if I have a living will. The fourth time I am asked about the will I ask them if they are fucking with me. She tells me I have to fill out a form with all my personal info, too much pain, she will write what I say.



Job?………STYLELIFE…….what’s that?

……Well I am……like a………dating coach……..



Hey can I ask you a question? My boyfriend and I………….

Time starts to blend together, one second I close my eyes and the nurse was there, they open and she is gone, close them again……….open and my brother is next to me.

I need a CAT scan, he leaves. I am told that this radioactive IV is going to get pumped into me so they can see things clearer. I am then told I also need to get the radioactive solution in my intestines so they can see if it is my appendix.

How do you get it in there?

Then my worse fear comes true…….

A radioactive enema…….

Worst thing I have ever been through, afterwards as I am being wheeled back to my room, my whole body killing me, ass is sore, I feel like I had been raped by the HULK.

Twenty minutes later the doctor tells me they are preparing for surgery, my appendix has to come out.

What if I would have waited till I was back in LA like I wanted?

You would have died.

After surgery I wake up and ask how it went, she says the doctor will tell me tomorrow.

What, why not now?

You won’t remember

BULLSHIT I WILL! (that’s all I remember from my time in the recovery room)

Wake up in the hospital, and the rest of the day is a blur.

That night a SUPER HOT nurse comes in and tells me she has to check my bandages. A week ago she wouldn’t have known what was in store for her, now I am laying there barely able to move. She pulls up my gown and looks all around my package and checks the bandages. She asks if I have used the restroom yet.


Well when you do let me know.

A few hours later I get the strength to get up and make it to the bathroom, after puking the water and broth up that I “ate” I have the urge to go. Ten minutes later a drop comes out, for the next five minutes I squeeze some more out. I finally finish pissing into this plastic container, make it back to bed and hit the “call nurse” button.

My hot nurse comes in and asks if I am OK

I urinated

Good for you!

She measures it and says it was a good amount and to keep it up!

Oh how things have changed in a week…..

originally posted July 23, 2008 comments copied over

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