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How to handle flakes

One of the most misunderstood and most difficult to overcome sticking points for new guys.



The fear of the approach is so powerful, that it quickly filters out the guys who aren’t committed to learning this stuff. But new guys who have very little experience getting numbers and getting dates start encountering “flakes” and their resolve and self confidence can get a bit shaky. Lucky for you, I am going to break this down so you can instantly understand what is going on…and you don’t have to spend a year trying to figure this out on your own (like I did back in 2006 which ultimately lead to the Bravo Number Close)

Guys (and AFC me) have so much trouble trying to understand this because we are still viewing the world thru AFC glasses, and have a distorted view on is actually going on.

The most important and first thing you need to understand is=


A reschedule is different than a flake


“Hey, something came up and I have to stay late at work tonight so I can’t meet you for a drink, can we hang out tomorrow?”

That COULD be a 100% legit excuse!mans since she is offering a reschedule date, that conveys that she WANTS to see you.

If she’s doesn’t offer a hard date and is more general with something like “maybe next week” then you should try to lock it down. If she is wishy washy on setting a time then respond back like a confident guy would with, “cool, well let me know when you are free and we can do something then  :)”

That way the ball is in her court, incase she IS wanting to see you, the door is still open and her getting back to you is her giving you a big GREEN LIGHT. This also saves time my time because I don’t think about her or the date again until she contacts me, and it prevents AFCs from contacting her too much and looking creepy. It also conveys that I am a man with other options.

When dealing with a legit reschedule, I give her 1 chance at another time. If she wants to see me, she will find away. If she is on the fence just trying to “politely” blow me off (wasting a guys time and giving him false hope isn’t the polite way ladies. This is a good example of woman logic. If she doesn’t have to deal with the repercussions. It doesn’t exist). Now there are always exceptions to the rules and one girl who is a nurse and was on call had to reschedule a few dates, and because I was attracted to her, I let it slide. I did however let it be known that any time that happened, she had to figure out a way to make it up to me…and she always did! 😉


Now a TRUE flake=  a chick blows you off, stands you up, leaves you hanging= fuck her.

Back in my AFC days, a flake would get me worried. (me being the super nice guy that I was)

  • She was digging me…and she wouldn’t do this, she’s not that type of girl….so something clearly happened…I wonder if she got into a car accident or something.
  • Is she OK?
  • I need to know.
  • Maybe she’s lost.
  • I better call her again.
  • No answer.
  • I better call her again.
  • Shit. No answer.
  • I’ll know, I’ll text letting her know it’s OK to blow me off!
  • “If you don’t want to go out with me that’s cool, I just want to make sure you are OK. Just text me so I know. Either way I wish you all the best. :)”

What a giant fucking pussy….that was still painful to just type out….too bad I am not the only one who knows that pain.

Why would you wish a person who just conveyed to you, that you aren’t even worth a few seconds of their time, the best.


Fuck them


Fuck them


Fuuuuuuuuuuuck them!!!



AFC think like this

Not adults who value their time!

Not MEN!

Our time is our most valuable asset, fuck anyone who wastes mine! (especially whoever invented the fucking automated telemarketer)

Just like fuckers on craigslist who never come by, and don’t call/text/email you saying they changed their mind and leave you waiting around the house for an hour waiting for them.

Fuck them! (got it?)

Bottom line.

If you built SOLID attraction, she wouldn’t flake on you.


example time-

Who do you think is the hottest chick in the world?

Megan Fox

Prime Angeline Jolie

Jessica Alba

Or maybe some dirty porn chick.

Whoever she is, it doesn’t matter. The analogy will work. For the sake of the story I’m going to use Natalie Portman.

To help with story

To help with story

Let’s say you bump into her in your home town. You approached her (because you decided FUCK IT and took a shot like a Boss) clicked and go for the number close.

“I actually don’t even have a phone right now. It got hacked and I’m going over to japan for a month for a movie. But give me your number and I PROMISE that I will call you when I get back and we will have a date”

What would you do?

Of course you’d give it to her!!

So a month goes by, you tell all of your friends about it, and as 30 days draw closer you start getting excited.

Every time the phone rings you get excited, only to look at the caller ID and see its work, or even worse. Mom.

A few weeks go by

A month or 2

4 months go by and you’ve finally accepted that she isn’t calling, none of your friends believe you and you are so bummed, you don’t even jack to her anymore.

Then the phone rings and it’s some weird number.


“Hey……Stephen? It’s Natalie. I’m not sure if you remember me…”

“Natalie, of course I remember you…… what happened?”

“I am SOOOO sorry. I put your number in my purse, it got packed up, I looked for it everywhere, and I JUST found it and called you right away.

I really want to see you….if you still do?”

– of course we want to

“I’m in town this weekend, I have a suite at the Ritz and was wondering if you would want to come over, we can get room service and enjoy the hot tub that is in my room?”

– of course what would you say???


But, you have to work?

So what would you do?

Take time off? Call in sick? What if they won’t let you… quit your job?

What if it is your mom’s 60th birthday that weekend?

“Sorry mom. I’m sick. Cough cough. I can’t make it.”

Or are you cool enough with your mom-

“Hey mom, just got off the phone with Natalie Portman, we are hanging out this weekend, she’s in town, and we are hot tubbing, cool if I raincheck the bday?”

“Sure thing! Good luck Steve, wear a rubber, pretty sure she banged Russell Brand.”

“Shit, good memory, Thanks mom!”

Now why would I blow off mom’ bday for a chick that I don’t really know, and left my hanging for months?

Because she Natalie Fucking Portman, that’s why!!!!!!!!

She has SO much value (in my head), social proof, is hot, rich, basically she has +5000 attraction in my mind.

So if the girl you number closed last week only has +10 attraction in YOU, she might flake for any reason. If someone else comes along who rolls a +200 attraction, you get downgraded to a +2 and get blown off. Or since you only worked flash game, had a +200, but a day later, after she had time to think about things, and decided she didn’t like the pink boa as much as she thought….and the alien high five was more gay than cool, then that +200 turns into a -500 and her and her friends sit around making fun of you.


How do you fix this and prevent flakes?

By running solid game, that connects on a deeper level, that isn’t just flash game, and striking while the iron is hot ( locking in day 2 plans THEN, not days later).

Do that, and your flakes will basically disappear and reschedules rarely, if EVER happen. If they keep happening, then you aren’t running solid game.

I don’t even worry about flakes now. If a girl does flake, then that is her demonstrating her mindset (which clearly is not one I want to be around) that she clearly has bad taste (by not making the time to hang out with an awesome guy like me), or the third reason a chick will flake.

An emergency  actually came up and she couldn’t reschedule with me.

If that happens, then when she does reach out to me later, I have to hear a good excuse, believe her apology, and accept whatever offer she is making to “make it up to me”. If I’m not satisfied with all of those, then her ship has sailed.

Lastly, a simple way to prevent those AFC thoughts from ever building up is to have a texting relationship with her already established. So when she is getting ready to leave she texts to let you know. Maybe she texts you because you have to let her into the building from outside, or for any other reason you can think of. That way if she doesn’t text before your date, you already know and aren’t left swinging in the wind.




FREE coaching flashchat with me

Most of you guys know that I have a FREE and awesome forum

The Bravohood

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Hopefully most of you also know that on my kickass forum, we have a cool feature called FLASHCHATS where you can ask ANY question you want, and get advice from advanced members of my site

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I mentioned in one of my recent emails that I would be hosting a special coaching flashchat soon, and I am planning it now.

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That’s it!


I am locking down the date and time now, and will announce it in my next email that goes out. If you are NOT on my email list…then I would sign up for that ASAP as well.

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someone's been a naughty girl


Merry Christmas!!!




Project X-The Aftermath

Still playing catch up, but for everyone who has been waiting to hear how PROJECT X was-


It was fucking amazing!!!


This was something I had been wanting to do for YEARS!

I have said and even posted on my site that I just didn’t think a few hours of training, then a few hours of in-field was enough for a guy to REALLY absorb any PUA skills.

So I thought back to my Martial Arts and Firearms training days. Except for when you are sleeping, showering, or shitting you were training. Even over food you were learning, or being able to ask any question you want from the instructor.


I could have done way less, charged the same (or more) and guys still would have been satisfied, but I wouldn’t have been proud of myself because I knew I could have done more…


Also, unlike every other event out there I don’t just care about $, I hand picked each attendee. I didn’t want 1 guy WAY below the curve to bring the event down for everyone else….. we all have dealt with THAT guy before HAHA! I wanted everyone to click and get along on this adventure!


So I had guys that were more advanced, ones that I am keeping my eye on to maybe some day help me out, and I had guys that were going out and trying, but their sticking points were preventing them from progressing.

Well I am glad to report back that things went even better than I had hoped. Guys who had never transitioned before, kino-ed, or opened mixed sets= DID

Guys who had trouble opening a few sets over the course of a day= double digits in ONE NIGHT

And there was even more awesome stuff (1 guy Apocalypse Opened a set- TWICE)

The GUN RANGE I took them to and taught everyone how to shoot

MY special TOP SECRET style of PUA Magic

3 different types of Transitions (one of the most important parts of Pick Up that no one really teaches)

Conversation Steering

and more but I figure instead of me just listing everything here I will just link to the threads that those who attended made on my forum (and these aren’t those fishy 1-2 posts members who ONLY post about how awesome I am like you always see on other forums:)
Before you jump to those links I want to thank the FOUR HORSEMAN who attended, and had enough faith in me to sign up for the first event I have run 100% solo.

Mackaholic-his enthusiasm and drive was contagious and went further than he ever had before

Poly- smooth mofo from down under, hung out with him in LA before, clearly going to be a PUA badass…

Stealth- even though he had AA that almost made him sick, didn’t back down and sacked up, eventually opening maybe the most intimidating set the whole weekend

Maestro- stepping up and putting others ahead of himself-got him his Brown Belt

You guys did awesome and I couldn’t be more proud of you!

Special thanks to Farmer- who came out here on his OWN just to help out, really paying it forward after your PUA journey started

Smoothcall- who also came out here on his own to help out, feedback I got was guys dug everything you said and wanted MORE (cant blame them)


Detailed FR HERE


(you have to log into the forum to read the 2nd, my Field Report section is private)

The Bravo Number Close

Was asked 3 times last week about my number close. Even though I know it can be found online elsewhere, adding it here for you guys so you can find all of MY stuff on MY site easily


This routine was developed out of necessity, I was hitting a sticking point and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I was number closing more chicks than I could remember each night, but was getting about 1/2 of them on the phone and about 1/2 of those out on dates.

I couldn’t figure out where I was messing up with my PHONE GAME. So I started experimenting around with the different phone tactics, not leaving voicemails, leaving voicemails with open loops, not texting, trying crazy text messages, calling from blocked numbers, calling them and only talking for a few mins, or talking to them for hours..etc

Not only was all of that crap tiring, but it never felt congruent with me. If I wanted to talk to someone on the phone I talked to them, if I didn’t I wouldn’t.

Then something clicked in my head from my martial arts training.

position before submission

Which means that setting things up correctly are more important and help lead to a submission.

Guys want to know how to do flying armbars and twisters in BJJ, but if they can’t even hold guard or pass someone else’s guard, it’s really a waste of time to even think about that advanced stuff because you will never even get to it.

It also means that if you are having trouble at one are of your game (submission or PUA) then it is because what you did leading up to it, wasn’t as tight as it could have been. The reason I was having trouble with the girls on the phone wasn’t my phone game, it was everything I had done BEFORE calling them!

(this is the main problem with Flash Game, guys get numbers but nothing happens after)

To test to see if the girls were genuinely attracted to me I came up with this-


The Bravo Number Close-

“Wow it has been amazing getting to know you; the crazy thing was is I wasn’t even going to go out tonight. My friends are heading out (I need to get back to my friends, hitting the road, whatever..) but we can’t just let this end here, we have to figure out a way to stay in touch, to keep this going… do you have any ideas/ how do we make this happen?”

Some of her possible responses are:

  • I could give you my phone number! (YES)
  • Some kind of funny remark, “well there are these things called CELLPHONES” then you say “oh that’s what those are for!” Then hand her your phone or a pen and paper (YES)
  • Well you could give me your number. (Cool then SWAP numbers)
  • Email/Facebook – a sign that you did not build ENOUGH of a connection but some
  • Maybe I will see you here again- you built almost NO connection

The reason I like this method so much is

  1. It is HER idea to give you her number, you are not tricking her into it, not putting her on the spot to give it, etc.. She is freely deciding to offer it.
  2. Because it is HER idea it is MUCH MORE SOLID. Sales- if it’s their idea to buy, let them!
  3. If she doesn’t offer it, you instantly know you need to work on building a connection, you don’t have to wait after a week of phone tag to find out where you stand, and can use that time and energy on new approaches.
  4. The big drawback to this is that with other number closes; if you get the number you can still build upon it later using phone and text game. With this one if she does not offer you the phone number it is then harder to get and build on. That to me is acceptable. I have other numbers to concentrate on and would rather know as soon as possible where I stand with her. I am also using this as a TEST to see how solid I am building a connection with her and not just worrying about getting the number


Contingency Plan- if I KNOW I only have a few minutes, I will purposely talk about my Facebook Stalker Routine (as featured in Neil Strauss’s Rules of the Game) and find out if they have one, then when asking her how to stay in touch it is a natural idea to swap Facebook info. The phone number is a much more personal item to give out than a Facebook page. So when time is limited I will steer it to a Facebook close. I can still work some Facebook game and my page has social proof all over it, so I will then let that DHV me. If it just not is in the cards, adding another hot girl online is a DHV on its own, so in my eyes even if that is all I get out of it, it is still something I can use to my advantage.


This routine was worked so well for me and others, that even though I only planned on using it for a short time, it is now my go to number close routine. I read field reports all the time where guys are saying they used this, even on the other side of the WORLD….that still blows me away!


Anyways guys, enjoy this and comment below if you have any questions, or post any feedback of you trying this out!

1 Year Anniversary

1 year ago I launched this blog

Slowly it started building up with traffic and comments and several months later I was asked to add a forum, I did The Bravohood, which is totally free an said by many to be the best PUA forum on the internet.

Just a short while ago it hit 365 members. (crazy coincidence)

Guys started asking about doing training with me, so I set it up to do phone and skype coaching, I created my Online Game 2.0 program (which has been endorsed by many PUA / Life coaches and instructors)

Now guys are asking for infield training, which is going to come very soon (and like everything I do will kickass)

I never took a computer class in my life and 1 year ago when I made this blog I wasn’t sure how it would do, I will admit I was very worried it was just going to be a ghost town like so many other PUA style sites.

I did my best NOT to let that happen, and now a year later am kicking ass because of YOU guys

So thank you for helping me, thank you for helping make this site a success, and thank you for supporting


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From Bravo-

After being featured in RULES OF THE GAME and travelling the world working for Style as his Executive Coach, I realized something

I teach MORE than just Pick Up, I help men, on a much deeper level, become the best version of themselves so they can meet, attract, & GET the woman of their dreams! -all while NOT relying on routines and cheesy pick up lines!

If you're ready to begin your transformation and want my help, please visit my coaching page.