It’s time…RIP

I can’t call myself a PUA anymore.

Being a “Pick Up Artist” is only “COOL” to guys who can’t get girls.

So many other self proclaimed PUAs have given what I do a horrible name, (and rightfully so)!

I also haven’t taught how to be a “PUA” in years.

What I have done, is teach guys how to be confident and cool, how to convey that in a non-creepy way, and how to make a connection with new and old friends, in a compressed and usually semi-awkward environment.


I got into Pick UP after my divorce and a miscarriage, because I had issues with WOMEN. Then I figured out that I just had issues with PEOPLE. Only later did I figure out, that I really only had issues with MYSELF.


Before I ever got into the whole crazy world of Pick Up, I was the Director of Training at a big gun range where I wrote and taught all of the advanced firearms classes. I left and started working for a private contracting company and helped teach some pretty badass guys some cool skills.

Once I got known in the PUA world, Neil Strauss, author of THE GAME, hired and moved me to LA to work for his company, The Stylelife Academy as the Executive Coach. For years I taught men across the world, and was featured in his best selling follow up RULES OF THE GAME.

In 2010 I started because I wanted to teach guys on a deeper and more personal level. I did things different, guys have to first apply then I personally interview each of them, and only allow single digit students to all of my events. The amazing results speak for themselves! –HERE

In 2016, as a natural progression of my personal growth and my teachings, I retired BravoPUA and have started doing everything under my REAL name

This allows me to share with you the things that really made me the MAN I am today, MORE than just “Pick Up”.

I constantly examine my life, looking for areas I can improve (eg survival skills currently) and do what it takes to master them. This new site is my place to share that with you, what I think is the most important things every man should know.


It can best been summed up as-


  • How to love yourself and others.

  • How to protect yourself and your loved ones.


I have been told what I have shared with others has saved lives, helped people more than double their income, find the woman of their dreams, start the family they always dreamed about, and live the life they always wanted.

I hope you will visit my NEW SITE and some of what I share can help you!


Stephen Grosch

Above all things, BE A MAN



-this site will stay up, but the forum has already moved, as well as all of the blog posts. All of my new posts will be over on and like the LIVE Facebook Streams I have been doing, I will be doing a LOT more cool things for all of you soon!