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What Anthony Johnson has to say about my Online Game program spoiler: he’s now married because of it!

I get lots of messages thanking me for my help and advice and vouching for what I teach.

Most of them I keep on the DL, some of them I share from time to time, this one was extra awesome so very happy to share!

Anthony, who runs the 21 Convention, invited me out to speak at his event a few years ago.

I talked about 2 of my favorite things= GUNSĀ and ONLINE DATING.

-I am a lucky SOB šŸ˜‰

I had a great time, because so many speakers brought the heat. I was bummed when I had to fly out before the end of the last day because I didn’t want to leave (unlike a few other events I have spoken at, where I can barely sit thru some of the speaker’s talks and am planning my escape!)

When I heard Anthony was getting married I remembered that we had spoken before about a awesome gal he met online and asked if she was the same one…she was!

He sent me this to share with my guys, and I am glad and honored that I had a small part in him finding love.


Anthony Online Game plug



I tell all of my students= Even though I’ve had lots of fun, I never found a woman who I legit connected with on a deeper level at a bar or club. Every girl I ever met who I really clicked with, I either met thru my social circle, or online.

Those of you who read my last blog post that my GF helped me write= we met on PoF!

-and are now living together, and this is the best relationship both of us have ever been in!

I remember when I first got into Pick Up. I read that I should avoid Online Game.

What shitty advice.

Why WOULDN’T I want to have ANOTHER way to meet women??? I also can pre-screen them and look for ones that I am not only physically attracted to, but also ones that are are into the same shit as me.

And the BEST part= it makes it even easier for GIRLS to hit on US, all without even leaving our house!


So every guy who is looking for a girl, should be utilizing this amazing (and mostly FREE) resource!

Just remember my first lesson in my program, Online Game is not a replacement for Real Life Game.

-but it is a lot easier and requires a lot less work!

Congrats Anthony, I wish you both all the love, happiness, and best on your new lives together!


For more information on the same tips and tactics that helped him and countless others (including me) meet someone special, check out my Online Game 2.0 program

She thanks me for taking her virginity…

“I’m really lucky that my first time is with you” -a lovely, 22 year old, dancer, former virgin.

In this audio, listen to PROOF that you can be smooth with the ladies, NOT be a dirtbag, and actually have them THANK you for fucking their brains out.




….I have a rough life, but I do it all for you guys!


“NICE guys” love to try and get on their moral high horse when getting into pick up. They develop a set of beliefs about what is RIGHT and what is WRONG, either thru crappy love movies, bad advice from women, or just from their distorted imagination about what women want.

One of the most frustrating things, as a coach, is trying to break thru this….getting them to realize they don’t understand women and to drop all of their incorrect andĀ unsubstantiatedĀ beliefs.

So while we were laying in bed after sex, and the conversation started to go down this path, I thought hearing it from a woman might help some of you- so quickly grabbed my camera! (which of course is always strategically places near my bed)

We already talked about my job and everything I do, and we also made some videos after this…further proving that she was a NAUGHTY girl just WAITING for a man to come along and make her feel safe enough to share her inner slut, which I was happy to help.

Which leads into another important lesson. The sex toy industry is already over 4 BILLION dollars a year, which is a market dominated by women (toys for women / porn for men)- how much more proof do guys need that women WANT sex!!!

Lastly the audio also proves that being 100% open and honest with your intentions can lead to some amazingĀ experiences.


Isn’t it about time you learn how to be the man they are playing with themselves every night thinking about?


COACHING with Bravo


She actually contacted ME first on PoF, because of my profile which I cover in my Online Game 2.0 program


How awesome is that?

She hit on ME first, and then thanked me for fucking her.


A thank you from a future wife


I got this as a Facebook message last night


I just want to thank you for a video that you put online. Thanks to you and that video, the man of my dreams decided to giveĀ the POF website a second chance and the rest is history.

I know he is the one for me and can not wait to walk down the aisle and say I DO!!!

So thank you!! Merry Christmas……..I got my gift early because of you and am the happiest I have been in over 15 years!!

Live, Love, and DANCE!


I love getting ANY kind of cool update message, and they always make my day.


But this is the first time I have ever received one from a girl…that was picked up with my advice!

Pretty awesome right before Christmas.


-I want more of these, so you guys are going to have to kick it into high gear for 2012

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From Bravo-

After being featured in RULES OF THE GAME and travelling the world working for Style as his Executive Coach, I realized something

I teach MORE than just Pick Up, I help men, on a much deeper level, become the best version of themselves so they can meet, attract, & GET the woman of their dreams! -all while NOT relying on routines and cheesy pick up lines!

If you're ready to begin your transformation and want my help, please visit my coaching page.