Project X…



has evolved


I had a lot of guys try to cheat the system. (I would have done the same! haha)


To the guys who emailed me, private messaged me on my forum, Facebook’ed me, asked about it on coaching calls, etc.. I got the message.

The biggest concern was that you would miss out on this opportunity because work or life prevents you from being around a computer 24/7.

So instead of the first come first serve idea I wrote up in the last post, I figured out a way to make it fair and keep you guys all happy. (Still giving extra consideration to those who email me FIRST however)


The next most common question was  HOW DO YOU APPLY

But before I tell you how-to, here is some more information about what Project X will entail-

  • WHERE– in the Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale AZ area
  • START– Friday May 6th starting around 10am-noon (finalizing where/when currently)
  • UNTIL– Sunday May 8th in the evening
  • Not having it in a boring and non-personal conference room
  • Booked a suite and adjoining room that will be ours for training/partying/and some sleeping (no need to waste $ on a hotel room)
  • Once you arrive in Phoenix, the hotel has a shuttle to and from the airport for FREE
  • All other transportation is taken care of (no need to rent a car)
  • Lunch and dinner will be on me ( good shit, sushi, steaks, etc)
  • ADDED Online Game -bring your laptop if you have one
  • ADDED PUA Magic-my most powerful and closely guarded secrets
  • Follow up conference calls afterwards, to make sure everyone is still kicking ass
  • ONLY 4 students (to ensure maximum quality)
  • DISCOUNTED rate (since this is the first time, if it works, there might be more in the future)



  1. Email me (address below)
  2. Make the subject of the email “I want into PROJECT X
  3. The email MUST contain the following information (I don’t need PAGES, just a few paragraphs max)
  • Name (real name and PUA name)
  • Age (must be at least 21 years old)
  • Cell phone number
  • Number of sexual partners (only FULL closes count)
  • Previous PUA/self help training and how long you have been into THE GAME
  • Why you want to attend
  • What you hope to gain from attending
  • Your biggest sticking points
  • A recent picture
  • How you heard about PROJECT X

Since we will be LIVING together the whole time, I have to make sure only the best and most deserving get in. (unlike the other guys, MY decisions aren’t controlled by the $)

I will then go thru each email ASAP and pick the guys I think will get the most out of this and tell you how to sign up, you then will have 24 hours to do so, if I don’t hear back then I will move on to another applicant and give them the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend.

Lastly, I use PayPal, so if you currently do NOT have an account all set up with them and working, do so NOW (it can take a few days to set up and sync with your bank/credit account, and don’t want that to cause you to miss out)


Send your applications to