is coming

After the field reports were posted on the forum,

(awesome one by DJNinja who attended the last one- click )

guys were starting to message me asking how they could get in to the next PX…when I didn’t even know WHEN the next one was going to be!

So even though I have been busier than I have ever been before, coaching, with PX2, 1on1’s, speaking at Johnny’s seminar in Vegas, going there again soon for Sasha’s event, and driving to LA in a few hours from now for a CC seminar, I busted my ass to plan another Project X before it gets hot out here in Phoenix.

I have an important thing I have to tell you first, because I only select 6 guys to attend, I actually already promised dibs to a few guys who barely missed the cut for PX2….so technically if they take the spot I offered them, that means there are only 3 spots currently available, so if you are going to apply, do so ASAP!!!

(this is 100% true and not just a marketing trick)



But before I tell you how-to, here is some more information about what Project X will entail-

  • WHERE– in the Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale AZ area
  • WHEN–  (last weekend in April)
  • Not having it in a boring and non-personal conference room
  • Booking a suite and adjoining room that will be ours for training/partying/and some sleeping (no need to waste $ on a hotel room)
  • Once you arrive in Phoenix, the hotel has a shuttle to and from the airport for FREE
  • All other transportation is taken care of (no need to rent a car)
  • Lunch and dinner will be on me ( good shit, sushi, steaks, etc)
  • ADDED Online Game -bring your laptop if you have one
  • ADDED PUA Magic-my most powerful and closely guarded secrets
  • ADDED  Day Game
  • Follow up conference call afterwards, to make sure everyone is still kicking ass
  • ONLY 6 students (with at LEAST 3 coaches…1/2 ratio)
  • STILL LESS than what other NO-NAMER PUAs charge, and they don’t teach/train for as many hours, and YOU have to cover hotel and food!!!
  • and more….



  1. Email me (address below)
  2. Make the subject of the email “I want into PROJECT X
  3. The email MUST contain the following information (I don’t need PAGES, just a few paragraphs max)
  • Name (real name and PUA name)
  • Age (must be at least 21 years old)
  • Cell phone number
  • Number of sexual partners (only FULL closes count)
  • Previous PUA/self help training and how long you have been into THE GAME
  • Why you want to attend
  • What you hope to gain from attending
  • Your biggest sticking points
  • A recent picture
  • How you heard about PROJECT X

Since we will be LIVING together the whole time, I have to make sure only the best and most deserving get in. (unlike the other guys, MY decisions aren’t controlled by the $) and I also have to take the group dynamics into account, so this is a lot more work for me, but trust me you, if you are here you will be very thankful!

I will then go thru each email ASAP and pick the guys I think will get the most out of this and tell you how to sign up, you then will have 24 hours to do so, if I don’t hear back then I will move on to another applicant and give them the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend.





Send your applications to ProjectX@bravopua.com