The living embodiment of  ALPHA MALE, Bravo’s journey began like most, with a woman. Realizing he needed a change after a painful divorce and miscarriage, he spent six months soul searching as he tried to figure out what went wrong and how to find happiness. He began to make some amazing changes and was actually beginning to enjoy his life in every area, except one… his non-existent dating life. Then one night he watched an AFC walk up to a table of flight attendants, a table Bravo was checking out but didn’t approach, and saw a canned opener in action. “It blew my mind, it was at that moment I realized this was something that people could learn and get better at, no longer were some guys just born with it!” He then quickly read The Game and his journey began.

The book was his red pill.

“It opened my eyes and I began to understand all the mistakes I had been making.” Bravo began going out 3-4 times a week to all the places he use to avoid, tearing up his home town with his newfound social skills. “I use to hate the bar scene because I didn’t know what to do, once I started getting numbers, make-outs, and dates I warmed up to it! I finally felt like a PUA when I had strippers begging me to go home with them,” Bravo says.”The last wouldn’t let me leave until I promised her that she could take ME out for sushi the following day, man had things changed!”

Before Pick Up, Bravo was teaching for over ten years. His specialties are Firearms, Edged Weapon, and Close Quarter Combat and instructed elite military and law enforcement personnel. “With tactical training I taught concepts that hopefully someone would never have to use. With the Social Arts the skills I teach help people positively change their life from that moment on and they use every day!”

In 2007 Bravo met Neil Strauss (aka Style) at a seminar in Hollywood and was asked to help teach in field on the 2nd day. After proving his skills, Style personally invited to join the soon to be formed Stylelife Academy. Once on board he made a name for himself and quickly went from Junior Coach, to Senior Coach, and eventually to Executive Coach where he managed the entire Stylelife Coaching team (and the only person to ever hold that title). He taught at numerous seminars, bootcamps, and events internationally and was the go to guy whenever a TV crew wanted to see Pick Up in action.

“In less than a year I went from reading The Game to having Style call me in the middle of the night for advice, and being featured in his follow up book Rules of The Game…it still blows my mind!”

Wanting to help guys on a deeper level and in more areas of life than just “Pick Up” in 2010 Bravo started “A Real Man’s Guide to Pick Up, Daiting and Life”, and his forum The Bravohood which he is always active on and the #1 poster.

His coaching calendar is now booked months in advance teaching 1 on 1’s with guys flying to him from across the world (or him to them), running his infield bootcamp/residential- PROJECT X, personal phone/skype coaching, and speaking at national and international conferences. He also helps guys meet women without even leaving the house with his now legendary Online Game 2.0 program. With positive feedback from past students always coming in, a FLAWLESS reputation in the community, Bravo is ready and waiting to help you start living the life you deserve!

A great coach, a great example, and most importantly a great friend and mentor to every student

-Neil Strauss ( Style )

To say that Bravo has “skills” as a Dating Coach or as an engaging and articulate seminar speaker is an understatement.   His presentation, at my –Becoming A Powerful Man Workshop, was filled with so much user-friendly material and practical advice that anyone could start using the information to immediately improve their Dating Results.

-Steve P,

If you want to learn to be Manly listen to Bravo. If you want to learn how to wear a boa, lipstick, and fingernail paint there are PUA guys that teach that as well. Bravo = two thumbs up



Of the few coaches out there, Bravo is for real. He’s dedicated, a very good teacher, believes in what he is doing and both wants to and actually assists his students in getting results.

GO to his bootcamps and tell him I sent you.

-Ross Jeffries, creator of  “Speed Seduction”


If you simply allow him, Bravo WILL change your life. You WILL become a solid PUA. No question, Bravo delivers the goods.

-Mystery, Venusian Arts, star of The Game and VH1’s The Pick Up Artist

From the first moment I saw Bravo I knew he was the real deal. I had been reading about this stuff and on forums and all that but had never actually seen somebody in person who was USING and APPLYING the material like he was. He became an instant mentor to me. His feedback is specific and on point, but he doesn’t pull any punches. If you can’t take constructive criticism you shouldn’t be talking to him, but if you can…your life and love life will improve ten fold within just a few conversations. I know mine did.

-The Sneak ( PUA Coach )

I’ve been active in the community for a long time and a lot of instructors disappoint.You meet them, see their quirks and shifty eyes, and think, “how the hell does THIS nervous guy attract women?!” But the first time I shook Bravo’s hand I knew instantly he was the real deal. The word that strikes me is SOLID. He emanates self-assuredness. His voice, eye contact, movements and gestures are all rooted in an effortless confidence. And he is absolutely fearless in the field. Bravo’s got some of the tightest game I’ve ever seen; I’m talking rockstar shit. I’ve been out with him and personally witnessed some of his escapades with women right there in the club that are so salacious I couldn’t believe the bouncer wasn’t tossing them out. Also, Bravo is a born instructor. I was fortunate enough to have him mentor me and I would learn more from him in one conversation than I would from 3 hours of reading. He has a way of breaking things down so concisely and clearly that you instantly feed off his energy. He is, without a doubt, one of the most motivating teachers I’ve ever met.

-Bolshevik ( PUA Coach )

During my time as a social artist, I met many if not all of the big names in the industry and The Game. Few of them lived up to the hype. Bravo is one of the guys that actually transcended all expectation. His game is unique, effective, and honest. While most guys can teach OR pick up; Bravo does BOTH better than anyone I have ever seen up close. Forged from teaching firearms to special forces and SWAT, he takes those skills and applies them into hardcore pick up drills that push you to places you never thought you could go. When I was a student in a Stylelife LA bootcamp, he taught me to believe in myself and that I was much better than I thought. Since then I’ve gone onto excel not just with women, but in all areas of my life. Soon I was chosen to join on as a Stylelife Coach and pay it forward to all men looking to improve their lives. Much of my success is a pure product of Bravo taking me under his wing and showing me a lifestyle of abundance and endless options.

– Topher ( PUA Coach )

Bravo, without a doubt, is the one who shaped my change the most. I went from barely being able to talk to a girl to having threesomes and several girls fighting for my attention, in less than a year. I like his style because it’s how I always wanted to be and he really knows how to get you there, having risen from one of the lowest points to being one of the most respected Social Artists. The thing I liked most about Bravo’s teachings was how much he really cares about his students, I got to see the “behind the scenes” and I was absolutely amazed at how much time and effort Bravo devoted to his students.

– Prodigy

Before meeting Bravo I was in a 2 year drought. Two days after meeting him had a model texting me inviting me to a pool party at her house. The next day I hooked up with a stripper that I met while she was working. A couple days after that had a girl out of her pants within 15 minutes of meeting her. I’ve gotten more phone numbers in the six months since meeting Bravo than I did my entire life before, and had much more fulfilling relationships (and friendships) with women than ever before as well. Those are results; all thanks to Bravo’s coaching.


I have hung out with (REMOVED NAME) and some other self-acclaimed PUA’s before and I never got it. They were just average dudes who WAY over exaggerated the quality of women they went after. I generally just got bad vibes from them. But I thought about our conversation and then about The Game and some of the most important tactics and it came to me that you nailed it all. And you didn’t even need a chick to prove it. I hadn’t ever felt moved by it before. I want that power.

-East Coast

Bravo I’ve had dozen of teachers, you’re one of the few who has made a crucial difference in my life. You taught me how to appreciate people, and your devotion to my learning inspired me to become a better teacher.

-Pete G
Bootcamp Alumni
current Ph.D student and university teacher

I learned more from you in 4 phone calls than I did with (name removed – a very popular “Dating Coach” ) over 6 months. Most importantly, the indirect openers I learned from him never showed the approach anxiety I had until you insisted on me doing direct openers.


I just got home this morning at 2:30am. I got laid.  I will tell you it lasted for hours and she said she had four orgasms. I wanted to say thank you because it would never have happened without your help.


His precise, to the point, honest feedback are some of the things that distinguish him from most of the other coaches I’ve met. Confidence, Grace, Calibration, Alpha-Guy-befriending, Closing (k-closing and #-closing in matter of mins), how to be a leader of men – are only few of the many things I have learned from him. Being an immigrant from India, when I met him, I was full of limiting beliefs, and almost negative game. Now I am with a great girl, in an amazing relationship, and great social circle. I’ve learned more from one evening with Bravo than I’ve learned from 3-day boot-camps with (name removed other pick up companies)


Bravo’s input on my social artist journey has been amazing! Every piece of advice or comment given to me or to any other student was filled with insight, knowledge, and a positive attitude. Reading one of his posts was like a virtual PUSH to go out there and make that change in your life.. when in doubt I think, What Would Bravo Do… Thanks again!!

Still going strong with the girlfriend.. Thanks to you I broke through the “lets just be friends” barrier that I had all my life. Now I am enjoying a healthy and great relationship! What I learned from you is that in order to be successful with women you have to be a MAN! That is what it is, nothing else, no routines, no gimmicks, no bullshit, simply BE A MAN! and of course ask from time to time WWBD.. ha!


When I think of the Alpha-Male, I see your image.


Bravo took me under his wing immediately and taught me things that raised my game entire levels each time. I can’t even begin to talk about the subtleties of women, AMOGS, and social dynamics that he has mastered and continued to build upon…many of which he discovered on his own and added to the “gurus”he studied. When I met Bravo, I was at a point where I was outwardly successful with health and wealth. But I was literally deteriorating inside: angry at the world, angry at women, and most importantly angry at myself because of my utter confusion and failings with the opposite sex…for 31 friggin’ years. Only a short time after learning from Bravo, I now have three…lets say “good female friends”…in Phoenix and one in San Francisco for when I travel. If anyone wants to learn internal self-confidence and outward success with women, I have met a LOT of people in the community…and none are more real and truly successful with teaching the game, than Bravo. Thanks for the life lessons Bravo, and I look forward to working with you in the future.


After meeting and going out with Bravo for the first time, I realized not only was the PUA lifestyle real, this was something I was not going to give up on…He exudes his strong inner game which translates into his awesome outer game. The cool thing is that it is very LEARNABLE with Bravo. He has personally taught me more about inner/outer game then anyone else.

– Double J

I really believe that BRAVO was placed on this earth to teach, to motivate, and to show guys the way to success!

– Dave G.