Just like a martial arts or music seminar, a 2 day bootcamp is simply

not enough time to truly absorb a new skill set!

I really care about the guys I work with and enjoy helping them on their journey.

That is why I offer PERSONAL and AFFORDABLE phone coaching.

To get good at Pick Up, you need to put in the man hours, but you DON’T have to do it ALONE!

The fact is going out for one weekend with a few wannabe PUAs just doesn’t cut it.

Weeks, months, or even YEARS later, how much will you actually retain and remember?


One of the reasons I got so AWESOME so FAST, was because of my tactical background and how I approached each PUA goal I had.

I have already taught thousands of men across the world with my PROVEN method, so let me help you

I am currently offering coaching (over the phone or skype) for a special price.

On the first call we go over your background and sticking points, together we come up with a game plan.

Each week we have a follow up coaching call going over last week’s homework assignments and goals, and I help you overcome ANY sticking points you ran into.
Simply choose the amount of time you want to use to change your life below and I will email you back and lock in our first coaching call.

Have some questions prepared and your known sticking points written down and prepare to change your life.

Some of the topics covered-

  • Fashion and style makeover
  • Blasting thru Approach Anxiety
  • Openers (canned and situational)
  • Indirect game
  • Direct game
  • DHV routines (anything from story telling to magic)
  • Number closing
  • Phone and text game
  • Day 2′s
  • Kino escalation
  • Kiss closing
  • Bringing her home
  • Sex
  • Online Game
  • How to become the Alpha Male
  • Hired Guns
  • SNLs
  • Teaching (for advanced PUAs)
  • and more…

Email me if you have any additional questions and I will get back to you ASAP- BravoPUA@gmail.com

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