Like many of you after I finished reading The Game, I thought WHAT IF…


  • What if I could master the art of Pick Up and the skills of Attraction?
  • What if I could confidently walk right up to a beautiful girl and talk to her day or night?
  • What if I could seduce her, and she would love it?
  • What if I could get her to ask to be my girlfriend?
  • What if I could finally start living the life I always dreamed about?


The problem was, we didn’t know where to start or where to go.

Then after a little time on Google, we’d stumbled upon a site that offered us a chance to MASTER THE GAME, the only problem was a rushed together E-Book or a crappy set of DVDs isn’t going to do shit to help us in the long run!


But the biggest WHAT IF of them all, the one I, and pretty sure ALL of you dreamed about, was never even offered before?



*fuck I feel cheesy writing that

What did we all dream being a part of, so we could not only MASTER everything I listed above, and even MORE???


Project Hollywood

Too bad it was already LONG GONE by the time you finished reading about it.

So I had to develop my own version of it, I could rebuild it, make it stronger…faster.

I used all the knowledge I have gained in my years learning THE GAME.

  • From teaching across the world, helping THOUSAND of men, running sold out seminars and bootcamps, and working with/teaching/partying with the LEGENDS from THE GAME.
  • Using the skills I learned before getting into Pick Up, where I taught military and law enforcement across the United States the skills they needed to survive.
  • From being married, going thru a divorce, and now being in the best relationship EVER!
  • Running a yoga studio focusing on health and wellness.



So I created



It’s not a seminar

not a bootcamp


…and MORE


Quiet and private place to learn at- CHECK

Low student and hight instructor ratio- CHECK

Nearby bars, clubs, coffee shops, malls, busy sidewalks to practice DAY and NIGHT game- CHECK


Transportation during- CHECK

Close to the airport so easy for you to get to- CHECK

Place to sleep, after party (and use for sexy time)- CHECK

Learning from one of the TOP MASTER PUAs in The Game today- CHECK

Having me and my coaches as your personal wings while in field- CHECK

Proven routines and top secret tips and tricks taught that you can use that night- CHECK

On the fly adjustments to cover exactly what you need and want, not stuff you already know- CHECK

Charging WAY less than what I could in this industry- CHECK

Money back guarantee- CHECK



and that is just some of it!


Let me summarize all of that for ya

You get here and everything else is taken care of, for less than what others charge, who offer WAY less than I, and we basically live together for 3 days EATING AND BREATHING pick up and alpha-ness


It’s the ultimate PUA and LIFE IMPROVEMENT event I am personally hosting and wished was around when I started!

-Check out my vid to get a feel for what I am about and what others who have been in your shoes right now have to say

Pretty awesome isn’t it?

I especially love when PX alumni text me stuff like this in the middle of the night

Late night text


PX alumni a year later


-If you want to read more from the guys who have attended PX, just scroll down and read some of the comments below


Conferences can be great, but unless you are able to go out IN FIELD and practice with a coach, and have them there to help you along the way, it will never really sink in.

Bootcamps can be awesome, but the OTHER companies pack as many students in them as possible, teach you only a couple routines before throwing you out infield, and have coaches who aren’t up to snuff just pushing you into set after set..

Project X is the best from both and none of the shortcomings- non stop teaching during the day, infield training at night with the BEST coach to student ratio I’ve ever heard of!

I’ve had 10 YEARS to test and tweak each event to see what works best. YEARS to coach, mentor and build up a badass team of Senior  and Jr. Coaches who are PX alumni (guys who I consider the best of the best), who can assist me as I personally download as much as I possibly can into your brain during Project X. ALL of us will be there with you every step of the way.


How to apply-

Wait, I have to APPLY to attend Project X=

Fuck ya…..unlike the other guys, this isn’t just about me trying to get you to sign up. If you aren’t serious about changing your life, if you aren’t willing to work your ass off and BLAST thru the sticking points that have been holding you back for years, if you aren’t willing to MAN UP and finally deal with your crippling AA, negative beliefs, or anything else that is preventing you from living the life you dream about


This isn’t some marketing spin. I am 100% serious. Project X takes SO much work on our part, planning and time, that I don’t want to waste my time or the time of my coaches….and I SURE AS SHIT won’t waste the time of the other students who are counting on me to help them if you aren’t 100 serious to improving your life!

I put my heart and soul into these, sometimes only getting 2 hours of sleep a night during a PX, it takes me a week to recover and weeks to catch back up with work after. I only will go put myself thru that for guys who DESERVE IT!


 Details about Project X you need to know before you apply

  • WHERE– in the Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale AZ area
  • WHEN- May 27th-28th-29th 2016
  • Small private room for coaching during the day
  • Booking a suite and adjoining room that will be ours for training/partying/and some sleeping (no need for you to spend more $ on a hotel room) or I will rent a house for us
  • Close to the Phx airport and super easy to get to
  • During Project X, I will cover transportation- no need to rent a car
  • During Project X, lunch and dinner will be on me (GOOD FOOD!)
  • You will get my most up to date and powerful PUA tactics, stuff I never publicly teach
  • Advanced coaching from Bravohood LEGENDS
  • Infield training at night
  • Day Game
  • Fashion make overs
  • Follow up coaching afterwards, to make sure everyone is still kicking ass
  • ONLY 6 spots AND 2 are ALREADY TAKEN
  • STILL LESS than what other NO-NAMER PUAs charge, and they don’t teach/train for as many non-stop hours, and they make YOU cover hotel and food!!!
  • and more….


Send your application email to with the subject “I want into Project X”

The email MUST contain the following information (I don’t need PAGES, a few paragraphs max)

  • Name (real name and Bravohood forum nickname)
  • Age (must be at least 21 years old to apply)
  • Cell phone number (plan on me personally calling you for more info)
  • Number of sexual partners (only FULL closes count, and specify if you paid for any)
  • Previous PUA/self help training you have received
  • How long you have been into Pick Up
  • Why you want to attend
  • What you hope to gain from attending
  • Your biggest sticking points
  • A recent picture
  • Since we will be LIVING together the whole time, I read thru each application and hand select who will be invited to attend.


Don’t spend another year wasting your time and getting nowhere…or getting worse because you are following shitty advice that isn’t congruent with YOU.

Apply NOW and prepare to start seeing the matrix.

Currently full, but apply now to get put on the waiting list for PX6, or to be first in line for PX7!!!!!!!!

-updated 4/25/16